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The U.S. government has classified the profession of pilot as of NATIONAL INTEREST interest to the country.

After the economic crisis, the American civil aviation sector is resuming its growth and, because of a high shortage of professionals, has opened its doors to foreigners.
Therefore, now is the right time to start your immigration process and get the GREEN CARD!
With safety and experience, we conduct your immigration and residency visa process. This will provide you with important guidance on the criteria required by the U.S. Immigration Service to grant EB-2 NIW.

Main requirements.

If you intend to work as a career pilot in U.S. civil aviation, the first step is to start the immigration process that takes, on average, one year to complete. Based on their professional skills, the foreign pilot can apply for the EB-2 NIW (National Interest Waiver) visa, even if it is not necessarily linked to a job opening.

To make the request of this visa eligible, it is necessary that the professional has:

  1. Higher academic education;
  2. Experience in the field of work/training;
  3. Professional licence or membership of a professional association.


The demand for pilots in the USA has grown progressively, due to compulsory retirements and an insufficient volume of new professionals. For this reason, the foreign pilot will have great chances of success when seeking a green card.

New pilots by
region (2016-2035)


Demand and supply of
North America
2020-2032, year-end

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total pilots


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In addition to providing visa and legal services, we have qualified tax lawyers (licensed in the United States). Our professionals work according to the American legislation, avoiding financial and legal charges for non-compliance.

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