His dual citizenship simplifies his temporary work visa in the United States.

Agility in the acquisition of the E-2 visa
processed by the American Consulate.

The concern with monetary loss in immigration processes is frequent among Brazilian investors who want a temporary work visa. Carry out your immigration process with those who have experience and take care of the bureaucracy for you with a visa with the possibility of renewal.

To be an elective for American E-2 visa
you must:

Be an investor (or citizen) of countries that have a trade and navigation treaty with the US;
Be responsible for the operation of a US venture in which you have invested a substantial amount of money.

American Visa E-2

Some signatory countries:

South America: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay.

Europe: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

This category includes husbands/wives and children under 21.

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