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visa to the United States for newly graduated

EB-3 immigration and work visa for those with a Bachelor's degree or equivalent.

The lack of experience of newly graduated professionals does not have to be a hindrance for those who wish to live in the United States and live the American dream. The EB-3 visa is ideal for professionals at the beginning of their career or for specialized labor, since it has a lower cost than other types of visas.

Para ser eletivo para o visto americano EB-3 é necessário que você se encaixe em uma das três categorias:

Skilled workers

Profissionais com habilidades especiais que possuam pelo menos 2 anos de experiência comprovada.

Unskilled workers

Profissionais de mão de obra que não possuem experiência comprovada.


Profissional com Bacharelado ou equivalente, não precisa possuir experiência.

American EB-3 visa

Besides having a lower cost, the EB-3 visa is a great option because it has fewer pre-requisites, making the dream of living in the United States legally easier.

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