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TS Immigration US visa for doctors in Tennessee

What does the new law say?

In order to increase the supply in the market, in a scenario of progressive professional deficit in the area, SENATE BILL NO. 1451 relaxes, as of July 1, 2024 , the entry of foreign medical graduates in the state of Tennessee.
As of this date, only 3 years of residency and 2 years of professional medical practice within 5 years will be required to obtain temporary licensure and practice in ACGME accredited institutions. The applicant will still need to have a job offer and the ECFMG Certificate.

At the end of two years with the Provisional Temporary License, the physician may convert the temporary license to a FULL UNRESTRICTED LICENSE (with permission to practice anywhere in Tennessee).

Tennessee and USA need

of Doctors.

According to data from the AAMC (American Association of Medical Colleges), the United States faces a projected shortage of up to 124,000 professionals by 2034, with demand outstripping supply.

The shortfall in Tennessee will be 5,989 physicians by 2030, with 1,107 of those in primary care.
With the difficulty of meeting the market demand, coupled with the facilitation of the license, it creates a great scenario for foreign doctors to immigrate. Check out the data below.
TS Immigration US visa for doctors in Tennessee

Medically underserved areas (MUAS)/Medically underserved populations (MUPs)
August 2019

TS Immigration US visa for doctors in Tennessee
US doctor and specialist shortage predicted by 2032
TS Immigration US visa for doctors in Tennessee

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