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6 cities to live in California

California, with its sunny climate and diverse landscapes, is more than just an American state. It's a real lifestyle!

If you're looking for quality of life for your family, safety, excellent public schools and an abundance of family activities, these six Californian cities are destinations that perfectly match what you're looking for.

San Diego: Charm by the Sea

San Diego, with its spectacular beaches and mild climate, is a paradise for families. In addition to renowned public schools, the city offers a variety of theme parks, such as the famous San Diego Zoo and SeaWorld. The many options for family neighborhoods and cultural activities make San Diego a charming place to live.

Pasadena: Architecture and Quality of Life

Pasadena is known for its charming architecture and picturesque residential areas. With an emphasis on safety and high-quality schools, this city is a haven for families. Spacious parks, cultural events and a welcoming community make Pasadena an attractive place to live.

Palo Alto: Educational Excellence and Innovation

For those who value top education, Palo Alto is home to the prestigious Palo Alto Unified School District, considered the best in California and one of the best in the United States. This public education district in the city of Palo Alto is also close to the prestigious Stanford University.

In addition, Palo Alto's proximity to Silicon Valley offers unparalleled opportunities for careers in different areas of technology and science. Local leisure options include wooded parks and many cultural activities.

Santa Mônica: Hustle and bustle and feet in the sand

Santa Monica combines the vibrancy of the city with the relaxation of the beach. Safety, the quality of local schools and family activities by the sea make this city an attractive choice for Americans and immigrants alike.

Santa Monica Pier is world famous for its iconic Ferris wheel and Pacific Park amusement park. With incredible sunsets, Santa Monica also has different parks throughout the city. Want to enjoy the surroundings? Santa Monica is just 40 minutes from the famous Hollywood.

Thousand Oaks: Quiet and Welcoming Community

Wooded Thousand Oaks is known for its quiet, safe communities and excellent schools. Manicured parks, hiking trails and a variety of community events make this city an ideal place for families seeking a peaceful and tranquil lifestyle.

Do you like being in touch with nature? It's a great idea to visit Wildwood Regional Park, which has a variety of trails; or spend an afternoon at The Gardens of the World, which has a huge variety of plants in its beautiful gardens.

Sacramento: Capital city with a family atmosphere

Many people think that cosmopolitan Los Angeles is the capital of California, but that position belongs to Sacramento. Bathed by the Sacramento River, the city of the same name is a historic gem that combines the 19th century charm of Old Sacramento with a vibrant modern scene.

Surrounded by an exuberant landscape, its nature is highlighted by William Land Park and the American River Parkway. Want to visit a museum? Check out the California State Railroad Museum, the Crocker Art Museum and the California State Capitol Museum, whose architecture harks back to the rich period of the California Gold Rush in the 19th century.

To learn more about the local cuisine and culture, visit Midtown Sacramento, the neighborhood that is home to the California State Fair, an annual fair that celebrates the community spirit, agriculture, diversity and industries of the state of California.

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